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What should I do if I find out that my child is using cannabis


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Stage of alcohol use

Stages of alcohol use



Problem free drinking

Problem drinking

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How much am I drinking?

Alcohol diary

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Change Plan work sheet

Goal setting

Guidelines for supporters

How to stick to your plans

Tips for drinking less

What to do about boredom

Young people and drink

Why young people drink

What are the signs and effects?

Concerned parents

Children affected by a parent's drinking

Worried about someone?

When a loved one has a drink problem

What can I do to help?

Coping with a partner's drinking

How drink can affect families

Looking for help?

What you can expect when you look for help

Find a service

Young people and drink

What are the effects?

What are the signs?

What can you do

Why young people drink



The online outreach campaign: Get involved!

National research exploring the experiences of Travellers using drug services

Parental Substance Misuse: Addressing its Impact on Children

Benzodiazapines: Signs and symptoms of problematic use; and treatment options available

National Drugs Conference of Ireland 2011

Codeine: Signs and symptoms of problematic use; and treatment options available

What should the new government’s priority be on drugs and/or alcohol?

Lets Talk About Drugs: Media Awards 2011

NACD Research: Risk and Protection Factors for Substance Use Among Young People

Methadone Protocol Review Launch

What is a drugs task force?

Alcohol use among the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Community

National Drug Conference 2010

Research on Head Shop drugs in Dublin: Part 2

Research on Head Shop drugs in Dublin: Part 1

Dual Diagnosis Ireland Seminar, Dublin 2010

Doping and Sport






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National strategy documents and reports

Global reports



Prevalence - Ireland

Prevalence - Europe


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The HSE and Union of Students in Ireland (USI) ask students to think about drug safety measures when using club drugs
Harm reduction messages from the #SaferStudentNights campaign.
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